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How to Make Your Senior Dog Happy

Just like humans, pets get older, and their body function declines. They also need the proper care and attention fit for their age. Your senior pet can develop several physical problems similar to older humans, such as heart disease, vision problems, diabetes, joint issues, and weakness. You may also notice several behavior changes, such as more anxiety, confusion, changes in sleep cycles, increased vocalization, and house soiling.

For your senior dog, its favorite game of catch can be too strenuous, and it might not be able to jump up to its favorite seat near the window. Your senior dog may need a little extra care and attention, and it is more honor than a burden to make them happy, especially after all the times they have been there for you for several years.

At Affordable Vet Care DC, our mission is to bring hope and happiness to senior dogs and pet owners. Here are some ideas to show some love to your senior dog and make them happy.

Teach Your Dog New Tricks

As your dog gets old, they need to exercise their brain to prevent it from wasting. There are several ways to keep their minds sharp. The following activities can be incorporated into your daily routine to add a stimulating mental nudge to your senior pet’s day:

  • Learn new skills and tricks by using a clicker or lure training to encourage your dog to think for itself.
  • Change your walking routine. You may hike a different trail, check out a different dog park, or walk around the block in a new neighborhood.
  • Use food puzzles when serving meals or hide their food throughout your home for your dog to search.
  • Rotate toys to make sure each one is fresh and fun to entice your dog to play.

Stimulate Your Pet’s Appetite

As your dog ages, they are more likely to become pickier about their food. Feeding canned food warmed in the microwave for a few seconds may entice your pet to eat. Aside from looking for a diet your pet enjoys, it is also essential to feed them food with the right levels of calories, protein, carbs, fat, vitamins, and minerals to ensure they keep a healthy weight. Senior dogs require fewer calories to remain healthy, and if your pet has a chronic disease, a prescription diet formulated to help manage their condition is beneficial to them. Contact our veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet plan to make sure you give them the healthiest choice.

Relieve Achy Joints

By combining the two tips mentioned above, you are already on your way to easing osteoarthritis pain. Regular exercise keeps your dog’s muscle mass and promotes healthy joints, while proper nutrition keeps your pet lean and nourished. To further relieve your dog’s achy joints, invest in premium quality orthopedic beds that can be accessed easily. Fluffy beds may look appealing, but they lack support and make your pet sleep on the hard floor. You may also add extra comfort using a heating pad made to soothe away pains and aches.

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As your dog gets older, you want to keep them healthy, happy, and comfortable. Contact Affordable Vet Care DC for more tips on making your pet healthy and improve the quality of their life.

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